Flowers of the Red Mill

Flower of the Red Mill is available for purchase on CD Baby

1. The Crooked Road to Dublin/The Crib of Perches
2. Hurray for the Gallant Tipperary Boys/The Cumainn na mBan is Dea
3. Lament for the Yew Trees
4. Hardiman the Fiddler/Ride a Mile/A Fig for a Kiss
5. The Copperplate/The Old Bush/The Spike Island Lasses
6. Droimeann Donn Dilis
7. An Paistin Fionn (The Fairhaired Child)
8. The Kilcloon/Jimmy on the Liner/The Flower of the Red Mill
9. The Virginia/Brendan McMahon’s/The Milliner’s Daughter
10. The Hope Jig/The Wandering Minstrel/John Mahoney’ #2
11. The Spailpin’s Lament
12. The Gospel of Mother/Ducks on the Millpond
13. The Geese in the Bog/Elizabeth Kelly’s
14. The Ebb Tide/The Ace and Deuce of Pipering
15. Were You at the Rock? (An Raibh Tu ar an gCarraig?)
16. The Stone in the Field/Thaddy Casey’s

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